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Creator John Martin, 1789–1854, British
Title The Deluge
Date 1834
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 66 1/4 x 101 3/4 inches (168.3 x 258.4 cm) Frame: 73 1/2 × 109 inches (186.7 × 276.9 cm)
Signed and dated, lower right: "J. Martin. | 1834"
Credit Line Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection
Accession Number B1978.43.11
Collection Paintings and Sculpture
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Subject Terms boats | comet | death | destruction | family | flood | geology | heaven | lightning | meteorology | moon | night | Noah's arks | people | religious and mythological subject | rocks | science | sea | storm | sun | tidal waves | violence | waves (natural events) | wife

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