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The Gentleman's magazine library; being a classified collection of the chief contents of the Gentleman's magazine from 1731 to 1868. Edited by George Laurence Gomme.
London, E. Stock, 1883-1905.
Physical Description:
29 v. in 30. 23 cm.
Reference Library
DA90 G4 (LC)
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BAC : Volumes 1-11,15,22,26 wanting.
SML,Y By99 29 1,9: A set made up of 2 volumes on English topography, pt.[1],[9]. Pt. [1] Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire. 2 vols. 23 cm.
Subject Terms:
Great Britain -- Antiquities, Roman.
Great Britain -- Antiquities.
Gomme, George Laurence, 1853-1916.
Milne, Frank Alexander.
Bickley, A. C., Lady.
Gomme, Alice Bertha.

  • --v. 1 Manners and customs.--v. 2. Dialect, proverbs and word-lore.--v. 3. Popular superstitions.--v. 4. English traditional lore. Customs of foreign countries and peoples.--v. 5-6. Archaeology.--v. 7. Romano-British remains, pt. 1-2.--v. 8. Literary curiosities and notes. Ed. by A. B. G.--v. 9. Bibliographical notes. Ed. by A. C. Bickley.--v. 10.-11. Architectural antiquities.--v. 12. English topography.--v. 13. English topography, pt. II. Cambridgeshire--Cumberland.--v. 14. English topography, pt. III. Derbyshire--Dorsetshire.--v. 15. English topography, pt. IV. Durham--Gloucestershire.--v. 16. Ecclesiology. Ed. by F. A. Milne.
  • --v. 17. English topography, pt. V. Hampshire--Huntingdonshire. Ed. by F. A. Milne.--v. 18. English topography, pt. VI. Kent--Lancashire. Ed. by F. A. Milne.--v. 19. English topography, pt. VII. Leicestershire--Monmouthshire. Ed. by F. A. Milne.--v. 20. English topography, pt. VIII. Norfolk--Northamptonshire--Northumberland. Ed. by F. A. Milne.--v. 21. English topography, pt. IX. Nottinghamshire--Oxfordshire--Rutlandshire. Ed. by F. A. Milne.--v. 22. English topography, pt. X. Shropshire--Somersetshire. Ed. by F. A. Milne.--v. 23. English topography, pt. XI. Staffordshire--Suffolk. Ed. by F. A. Milne.--v. 24. English topography, pt. XII. Surrey--Sussex. Ed. by F. A. Milne.--v. 25. English topography, pt. XIII Warwickshire--Westmoreland--Wiltshire. Ed. by F. A. Milne.
  • --v. 26. English topography, pt. XIV. Worcestershire--Yorkshire. Ed. by F. A. Milne.--v. 27-29. English topography, pt. XV-XVII. London.