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Riou, Stephen

Traité d'architecture civile : tiré de Vignole, Daviler, & autres / Stephanus Riou, Londinensis Bonarum Artium ac Litterarum Studiosus in Universit. Genevens ... delint. & scripsit A.H.S. 1743.

Geneva?, 1743.
Physical Description:
1 volume (XCII pages) : illustrations ; 55 x 40 cm
Rare Books and Manuscripts
Folio B 2015 3
Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection
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Copyright Status:
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Archives & Manuscripts
The architect and soldier Stephen Riou (1720-1780) was the son of a Huguenot and studied architecture at Geneva. He was the author of Elements of fortification (1746), Short principles for the architecture of stone bridges (1760), and The Grecian orders of architecture (1768). Cf. A dictionary of British and Irish travelers in Italy, 1701-1800; and A biographical dictionary of British architects, 1600-1840.
Bound in contemporary calf.
Manuscript treatise on civil architecture, written by Stephen Riou while a student at the University of Geneva, 1743. The text is in French. Generally arranged so that text appears on versos, describing appropriate details, plans, or elevations on the facing rectos. The treatise finishes with Riou's designs for gateways. Riou's stated sources are Vitruvius, Vignole, Palladio, Scamozzi, and others.
Subject Terms:
Architecture -- Composition, proportions, etc.
Architecture -- Details.
Architecture -- Orders.
Aviler, Augustin-Charles d', 1653-1701.
Palladio, Andrea, 1508-1580.
Riou, Stephen.
Scamozzi, Vincenzo, 1548-1616.
Vignola, 1507-1573.
Vitruvius Pollio.
Ink drawings.
Graphite drawings.
Architectural drawings.

  • [Contents of each page:] I. Title leaf, with vignette
  • II. "En des palais declicieux ..." excerpt from Perrault
  • III. Traité d'architecture civile, beneath an unfinished graphite drawing of the Temple of Vesta, Tivoli
  • IV. Continuation of text
  • V. Perspective elevation: De l'origine des ordres et de leur parties
  • VI. Des ordres, et premièrement de leur parties
  • VII. Details, with key
  • VIII. Des moutures
  • IX. Mouldings, with scale
  • X. De l'ensemble des ordres
  • XI. Elevation of Doric order
  • XII. Des quelques oranments particuliers aux ordres
  • XIII. Details of scrolls, consoles, triglyphs, entablature & capital
  • XIV. Des moutures qui servent pour les cadres et chambrantes
  • XV. Details of moldings for architraves, etc.
  • XVI. Des moutures, profils des dedans
  • XVII. Details of moldings for interiors
  • XVIII. De qlques parties qui accompagnent les ordres
  • XIX. Details of arcades, balustrades, rustication, urns, niches &c.
  • XX. Suite de quelques parties qui accompagnent les ordres
  • XXI. Details of pedestals etc.
  • XXII. De quelques ordres anciens
  • XXIII. Detailes of atlantes, caryatids, herms, terms, masks, medallions, etc.
  • XXIV. Les cinq manieres d'espacer les colonnes selon Vitruve; Des parties qui composent l'ordre Toscan
  • XXV. Details of Tuscan order
  • XXVI. Des portiques Toscans
  • XVII. Plan and elevation of Tuscan arcade
  • XXVIII. Piedestal & base, Doric
  • XXIX. Details, Doric
  • XXX. Ancien entablement Doric, avec le chapiteau & Plafond de la corniche
  • XXXI. Details, Doric
  • XXXII. Autre entablement Doric &ca.
  • XXXIII. Details, Doric
  • XXXIV. Portique Doric, sans piedestal
  • XXXV. Plan and elevation of Doric arcade (without pedestal)
  • XXXVI. Portique Doric, avec piedestal
  • XXXVII. Plan and elevation of Doric arcade (with pedestal)
  • XXXVIII. Piedestal, base, imposte &cra. Ionics
  • XXXIX. Details, Ionic
  • XL. Entablement Ionic
  • XLI. Details, Ionic
  • XLII. Chapiteau Ionic, avec la maniere de tracer sa valude, de Palladio
  • XLIII. Details, Ionic
  • XLIV. Plan & profil du chapiteau & volute Ionic, de Scamozzi
  • XLV. Details, Ionic
  • XLVI. Portique Ionic, sans piedestal
  • XLVII. Plan and elevation of Ionic arcade (without pedestal)
  • XLVIII. Portique Ionic avec piedestal
  • XLIX. Plan & elevation of Ionic arcade (with pedestal).
  • [Contents of each page, continued:] L. Piedestal & base Corinthien
  • LI. Details, Corinthian
  • LII. Plan & profil du capiteau Corinthien
  • LIII. Details, Corinthian
  • LIV. Chapiteau & entablement Corinthien avec le plafond de la corniche, imposte & archivolte
  • LV. Details, Corinthian
  • LVI. Portique Corinthien sans piedestal
  • LVII. Plan and elevation of Corinthian arcade (without pedestal)
  • LVIII. Portique Corinthien avec piedestal
  • LIX. Plan and elevation of Corinthian arcade (with pedestal)
  • LX. Piedestal & base composite
  • LXI. Details, composite
  • LXII. Plan & profil du chapiteau composite
  • LXIII. Details, composite
  • LXIV. Chapiteau & entablement composite avec le plafond de la corniche
  • LXV. Details, Composite
  • LXVI. Portique composite sand piedestal
  • LXVII. Plan and elevation of composite arcade (without pedestal)
  • LXVIII. Portique composite avec piedestal
  • LXIX. Plan and elevation of composite arcade (with pedestal)
  • LXX. Maniere de diminuer les colonnes, selon Vignole
  • LXXI. Unfinished graphite diagram demonstrating entasis
  • LXXII. De la colonne torse & de la maniere de la traier
  • LXXIII. Plan, elevation and diagram of twisted or Salomonica column
  • LXXIV-LXXVIII. De la distribution des edifices (text, no illustrations)
  • LXXVIII-LXXXIII. De la decoration (text, no illustrations)
  • LXXXIV-LXXXV. Plan d'une porte de ville, echell de 20 pieds de France, with key. Shows twin officers' and soldiers' accomodation either side of archway. With color wash
  • LXXXVI-LXXXVII. Elevation d'une porte de ville du coté du dehors. Rusticated obelisks and half columns, the English royal coat-of-arms over the entrance, the composition crowned by a pair of trophies. Labelled Parapet & niveau des eaux de fosses
  • LXXXVIII. Blank
  • LXXXIX. Elevation d'une porte de ville du coté de la place. Rusticated wall with blind (?) elliptical windows, paired half columns, crowned with sculpted figures of captives
  • XC. Blank
  • XCI. Sections, with color wash
  • XCII. Blank.

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