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Schedel, Hartmann, 1440–1514
Registrum huius operis libri cronicarum cu[m] figuris et ÿmagi[ni]bus ab inicio mu[n]di.
Additional Title(s):

Registrum huius operis libri cronicarum cum in figuris et imagibus ab inicio mundi

Libri cronicarum cu[m] figuris et ÿmagi[ni]bus ab inicio mu[n]di

Libri cronicarum cum in figuris et imagibus ab inicio mundi

Title from leaf I of text: Epitoma operu[m] sex dieru[m] de mu[n]di fabrica

Common title: Nuremberg chronicle

Liber chronicarum
[Nuremberg] : Dominus Anthonius Koberger Nuremberge impressit ..., duodecima mensis Iulij anno salutis n[ost]r[a]e. 1493.
Physical Description:
[20], CCXCIX, [9] leaves : 1809 illustrations, 2 maps (woodcuts) ; 50 cm (folio)
Rare Books and Manuscripts
Folio B 2019 3
Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection
Copyright Status:
Copyright Not Evaluated
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BAC: British Art Center copy bound in 16th-century blind-tooled leather over wood boards. Provenance: Bernhard I, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen, 1649-1706 (with his initials on verso of title page); Paul Mellon.
BEIN 1977 Folio 25: Imperfect: some lower margins bled and repaired.
BEIN 1977 Folio 25: For fuller description see collation-slip in volume.
BEIN 1999 Folio 15: 47 cm. Imperfect: leaves 1, 17, 51, 58, 101, 259, 261, 264, 267, 285, 290 wanting.
BEIN 1999 Folio 15: Title page and leaf 268 illuminated.
BEIN 2012 Folio 153: Bookplate of A. Hachette.
BEIN 2012 Folio 153: For fuller description see collation-slip in volume.
BEIN 2012 Folio 154: 49 cm., in case 53 cm. For fuller description see collation-slip in volume.
BEIN ZZi 2084: Provenance: Unidentified shelfmarks "1157," "1152," and "11019" (front pastedown). Armorial binding of Paul Petau, with motto: Non est mortale quod opto. Monogram of Alexandre Petau. Autograph and manuscript note of Charles duc de Croy. Autograph of Lalaing. Autograph and armorial bookplate of the Marquises of Ormonde (Ossory), with motto: Comme je trouve (recto front flyleaf). Bibliographical note in modern hand (recto second front flyleaf). Gift of Frank Altschul, 1969.
BEIN ZZi 2084: Binding: 45 cm. Mottled calf over paper pasteboards, gold-tooled with arms of Paul Petau and monograph of Alexandre Petau. Spine title: Chronicarum.
BEIN BrSides 2024 25: Imperfect: leaves LIIII and CCLXXII only, with text concerning the Persians and Constantinople. Leaves were trimmed with loss of text. Formerly used as end paper in former binding of Geiler von Kaysersberg, Das schiff der penitentz. To view title, search by call number Zg 16 G27 +514.
Imprint from second colophon.
Leaves printed on both sides.
Unsigned gatherings.
First colophon (CCLXVIr): Completo in famosissima Nurembergensi vrbi Operi de hystorijs etatum mundi, ac descriptione vrbium. felix imponitur finis. Collectum breui tempore Auxilio doctoris hartma[n]ni Schedel. qua fieri potuit diligentia. Anno [christ]i Millesimo quadringentesimo nonagesimotercio. die quarto mensis Iunij. Deo igitur optimo. sint laudes infinite.
Second colophon ([CCC]v): ADest nunc studiose lector finis libri Cronicarum per viam epithomatis [et] breuiarij compilati opus q[ui]dem preclarum. [et] a doctissimo quoq[ue] comparandum. Continet e[ni]m gesta. quecu[m]q[ue] digniora sunt notatu ab initio mu[n]di ad hanc vsq[ue] te[m]poris nostri calamitatem. Castigatu[m]q[ue] a viris doctissimis vt magis elaboratum in lucem prodiret. Ad intuitu[m] autem [et] preces prouidoru[m] ciuiu[m] Sebaldi Schreyer [et] Sebastiani kamermaister hunc librum dominus Anthonius koberger Nuremberge impressit. Adhibitis tame[n] viris mathematicis pingendiq[ue] arte peritissimis. Michaele wolgemut et wilhelmo Pleydenwurff. quaru[m] solerti acuratissimaq[ue] animaduersione tum ciuitatum tum illustrium virorum figure inserte sunt. Consummatu[m] autem duodecima mensis Iulij. Anno salutis n[ost]re 1493.
With two colophons, one dated 4 June 1493, marking the end of the work of Hartmann Schedel; the remainder of the text, with colophon dated 12 July 1493, was the work of Georg Alt. See Wilson, Adrian, The making of the Nuremberg chronicle, 1976, page 156.
Printed on Imperial-sized paper; table and parts of text in 2 columns; 64 lines plus headline to a full page; area of text 352 (366) x 223 mm. Includes initial spaces in the table and on leaves i, cclxii, and leaf [iv] (third group); printed initials elsewhere. With foliation, without catchwords and signatures.
Signatures (as given by BMC and others): *⁶ **⁶ ***⁸ a⁶ b-d⁴ e-h⁶ i² k⁴ l-n⁶ o² p-q⁶ r-y⁴ z⁶ 2a-2c⁶ 2d² 2e⁶ 2f⁴ 2m-2z⁶ A-K⁶ L⁶⁻² M⁶. The double-leaf map of Europe is printed on leaves L3 and L4, with presentation of the map on L3r and the second colophon on L4v; L5-6 are cancelled. M1r-5v (without foliation) contain "De Sarmacia regione Europe," with Latin sapphics on the exploits of Maximilian on M5v; M6 is blank.
Leaves CCLVIIII-CCLXI are blank except for headlines to allow for readers' additions, as noted on CCLVIIIv.
Contains 1809 woodcut illustrations (of which 1164 are repeats) by Michael Wolgemut, Wilhelm Pleydenwurff, and Albrecht Dürer, and two woodcut maps.
World map printed across leaves XIIv and XIIIr.
Variants listed by W.B. Todd, The book collector, 1964, p. 497-98, and in Wilson.
Disputed passage relating to alleged discovery of America by Behaim and Camus on CCXCr.
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Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke, M40784
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Subject Terms:
Bernhard I, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen, 1649-1706 -- Autograph.
Chronology, Historical -- Early works to 1800.
Civilization, Ancient -- Early works to 1800.
Croy, Charles, duc de, 1560-1612 -- Autograph.
Goodyear, Frank H. -- Bookplate.
Hachette, A. -- Bookplate.
Incunabula in Yale Library.
Ormonde, Marquises of -- Bookplate.
Petau, Alexandre -1672 -- Ownership.
Petau, Paul, 1568-1614 -- Binding.
World history -- Early works to 1800.
World maps.
Armorial bindings.
Armorial bookplate.
Fragments (object portions)
Alt, Georg, approximately 1450-1510, author.
Wolgemut, Michael, 1434-1519, illustrator.
Pleydenwurff, Wilhelm, -1494, illustrator.
Dürer, Albrecht, 1471-1528, illustrator.
Koberger, Anton, approximately 1440-1513, printer.
Schreyer, Sebald, 1446-1520, publisher.

Wilde Americk - Discovery and Exploration of the New World, 1500-1850 (Yale Center for British Art, 2001-09-27 - 2001-09-27) [YCBA Objects in the Exhibition]

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