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Lewis, James Otto, 1799–1858
The aboriginal port folio ... / by J.O. Lewis.
Additional Title(s):
Aboriginal portfolio
Philadelphia : J.O. Lewis, 1835-[1836]
Physical Description:
10 parts (80 unnumbered plates) : color illustrations, portraits ; 49 cm.
Rare Books and Manuscripts
Folio B 2019 5
Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection
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Copyright Status:
Copyright Not Evaluated
BEIN 2019 Folio 92: Imperfect: title page wanting. Consists of 10 parts (80 color plates of illustrations, 50 cm). Each part in its own original wrappers. Numbers 1-9, part number and month issued printed in ; number 10: part number in manuscript, month and last digit of year are blank. Numbers 4-10: Bookplate of Henry J. Cullen, Jr.
"Subscription price $2.00 per number, issued monthly until 10 numbers are complete."--Foot of printed wrapper, part 1.
Numbers 1-3 each accompanied by a leaf headed: Advertisement ... Advertisement to number 1 dated: July 20, 1835.
Text of advertisement for number two printed in 38 lines.
Number 10: Part number issued written in manuscript, lacks month and last digit of year.
Reese, W. James Otto Lewis and his Aboriginal port folio
Sabin, J. Dictionary of books relating to America from its discovery to the present time, volume 10, page 309, number 40812
Howes, W. U.S.iana, 1650-1950 (1962 edition), L315
BAC: British Art Center copy imperfect: lacks one plate (numbers 74) in part 10. The "advertisement" to parts 1 and 3 are dated "July 20, 1835"; part 2, "June, 1835." In original parts, with blue printed wrappers. The part no. and date are supplied in manuscript for parts 8 and 10. The plates in part 10 are trimmed to a smaller size, and the wrapper to part 10 has been supplied from another copy (see letter from Eberstadt, Dec. 3, 1958). The BAC copy lacked a title page when Mellon purchased it from Eberstadt (see letter). A title page was subsequently added. It does not match other known title pages for the work as published by Lehman & Duval: "The North American aboriginal port-folio, by J.O. Lewis. Philadelphia: Published for the proprietor by Lehman & Duval, Lith. 1835." The illustrations on this title page resemble those of the edition published by Adlard (New York, 1839), but clearly from a different matrix.
Subject Terms:
Cullen, Henry J. Jr. -- Bookplate.
Indians in art.
Indians of North America -- Pictorial works.
Indians of North America -- Portraits.
Lithographs -- Hand-colored -- 1835-1836.
Barincou, J., lithographer.
Lehman & Duval Lithrs., lithographer.

  • Number 1: Advertisement to the first number of the Aboriginal Port-folio, Philadelphia, July 20, 1835
  • [1] Waa-na-taa, or the Foremost in Battle, Chief of the Sioux Tribe
  • [2] Ma-ko-me-ta or Bear's Oil, a Monomonie chief
  • [3] Shing-gaa-ba-w'osin or the Figured Stone, a Chippewa chief
  • [4] Cha-co-to, a Pottawatomie chief
  • [5] Tshu-gue-ga, a celebrated chief, half Winnebago and half French
  • [6] Ma-che-ka-kat or the Bad Hawk, Monomonie chief
  • [7] Kitch-ee-i-aa-ba or the Big Buck, a Chippewa chief
  • [8] Wa-pa-laa or the Playing Fox, Prince of the Fox Tribe.
  • Number 2: Advertisement to the second number of the Aboriginal Port-folio, Philadelphia, June, 1835
  • [9]
  • Kee-o-kuck or the Watching Fox, the present chief of the Sauk Tribe and successor to Black Hawk
  • [10] Shounk-chunk, the Black Wolf, a Winnebago chief
  • [11] Nah-shaw-a-gaa or the White Dog's son, Pottawatomie chief
  • [12] Billy Shane, a Shawnee chief, who fought for the Americans and was wounded at the Battle of the Thames in Upper Canada
  • [13] Waa-ba-shaw, a celebrated Sioux chief
  • [14] Too-shaa-naa-gan-ka or the Little Otter, a Winnebago chief
  • [15] Men-dow-min or the Corn, a Chippewa dwarf
  • [16] Mo-wan-za or the Little Wolf, a Miami chief.
  • Number 3: Advertisement to the third number of Aboriginal Port-folio, Philadelphia, July 20, 1835
  • [17] View of the great treaty held at Prairie du Chien, September, 1825
  • [18] Ker-o-Menée, a celebrated Winnebago chief
  • [19] Mi-a-qu-a, a Miami chief
  • [20] Nabu-naa-kee-shick or the One Side of the Sky, a Chippewa chief
  • [21] Sun-a-get or Hard- Times, a Pottawatomie chief
  • [22] Pe-a-jick, a Chippewa chief
  • [23] The Little Crow, a celebrated Sioux chief
  • [24] Brewett, a celebrated Miami chief
  • Number 4: [25] Kaa-nun-der Waaguinse-zoo, or the berry picker, a famous Chippewa chief
  • [26] Caa-taa-ke Mung-ga or the Speckled Moon, a Miami chief
  • [27] Caw-taa-waa-be-ta or the Snagle'd Tooth, a Chippewa chief
  • [28] O'-check-ka or Four Legs, Head Chief of the Winnebagoes on Winnebago Lake, Michigan
  • [29] Winnebago squaw, wife of O-check-kaa or Four Legs
  • [30] Na-mas or the Little Sturgeon, a Chippeway chief
  • [31] Na-she-mung-ga, a Miami chief
  • [32] Weeh-cub or the Sweet, a noted Chippeway chief.
  • Number 5: [33] Cut-taa-tas-tia, a celebrated chief of the Fox Tribe
  • [34] A young Miami chief
  • [35] Pe-schick-ee, a celebrated Chippeway chief
  • [36] A Miami chief
  • [37] Pe-che-co, a Pottawattomie chief [38]
  • Francis Godfroy, a celebrated chief among the Miamis, half French and half Miami
  • [39] Me-no-Quet, a distinguish'd Pottowattomie chief
  • [40] She-sheba or the Little Duck, a celebrated Winnebago chief.
  • Number 6: [41] The Pipe Dance and the Tomahawk Dance of the Chippeway Tribe
  • [42] Kee-o-tuck-kee, a Pottowattomie chief
  • [43] Richardville, the Head Chief of Miami Tribe of Indians
  • [44] Chat-o-nis-see, Pottowattomie chief
  • [45] Ash-e-taa-na-quet, a celebrated Chippeway chief
  • [46] The Son, a Miami chief
  • [47] A celebrated Ottawa chief / Barincou, 1835
  • [48] Mauck-coo-main, a celebrated Ioway chief / F. Barincou.
  • Number 7: [49] A view of the Butte des Morts Treaty ground
  • [50] Mac-cut-i-mish-e-ca-cu-cac or Black Hawk, a celebrated Sac chief
  • [51] Pach-e-po, a Pottowattomie chief / J. Barincou
  • [52] Waa-kaun-see-kaa or the Rattle-snake, a Winnebago chief / J Barincou
  • [53] Pen-now-we-ta, a Miami chief
  • [54] Com-no-sa-qua, a Pottowattomie chief / J. Barincou
  • [55] Wadt-he-doo-kaana, Chief of the Winnebagos / J Barincou
  • [56] Waa-top-e-not or the Eagle's Bed, a Fox chief / J. Barincou.
  • Number 8: [57] Chippeway squaws / J. Barincou, 1836
  • [58] Mish-sha-quat or the Clear Sky, a Chippeway chief / J. Barincou
  • [59] Kee-me-one or Rain, a Chippeway chief / J. Barincou
  • [60] A Chippeway squaw and child / J. Barincou, 1836
  • [61] O-hya-wa-nim-ce-kee or the Yellow Thunder, a Chippeway chief / J. Barincou
  • [62] Ke-wa-din or the North Wind, Chippeway chief / J. Barincou
  • [63] Ta-ma-kake-toke or the Woman That Spoke First, a Chippeway squaw (mourning) / J. Barincou
  • [64] O-che-na-shink-kaa or the Man That Stands and Strikes, a Winnebago chief / Barincou.
  • Number: [65] A Sioux chief / J. Barincou
  • [66] O-wan-ich-koh or the Little Elk, a Winnebago chief / J. Barincou
  • [67] Tens-qua-ta-wa or the One That Opens the Door, Shawnee prophet, brother of Tecumthe / J. Baricou
  • [68] Wa-kaun or the Snake, a Winnebago chief / F. Barincou
  • [69] Jack-o-pa or the Six, a Chippeway chief / J. Barincou
  • [70] Wa-em-boesch-kaa, a Chippeway chief / J. Barincou
  • [71] At-te-conse or the Young Red Deer, a Chippeway chief / J. Barincou --[72] Wah-bin-de-ba or the White Headed Eagle, a Chippeway chief / J. Barincou.
  • Number 10: [73] Interior of a Sioux lodge
  • [74] Kit-chee-waa-be shas, the great Martin
  • [75] Ma-ga-zee, a Pottowattomie chief
  • [76] Abraham Quary, the last Indian of the Nantucket tribe, age 64
  • [77] A Chippeway chief
  • [78] Buffaloe hunt, on the river Platte
  • [79] Na-ma-nis cut, a Pottowattomie chief
  • [80] Pa-she-nine or the Godd marksman, a Chippeway chief.

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