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Foot, Mirjam.

Studies in the history of bookbinding / Mirjam M. Foot.

Aldershot, England ; Brookfield, Vermont, USA : Ashgate Publishing Company, [1993]
Physical Description:
xv, 467 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Reference Library
Z269 .F68 1993 (LC)
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Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Subject Terms:
Bookbinding -- Europe -- History.
Bookbinding -- History.

  • Pt. I. Why Bookbinding? 1. Bookbinding and the History of Books. 2. Some Bookbinders' Price Lists of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
  • Pt. II. Bookbinding: A Dead Craft? 3. A Binding by Paul Kersten, 1900. 4. A Binding by W. T. Walker, 1909. 5. The Thomas Harrison Memorial Competition, 1955-1975: A Record. 6. Modern Bookbindings Acquired by the British Library, 1974-1983. 7. A Binding by Pierre-Lucien Martin, 1961
  • Pt. III. The Late Medieval Tradition in Bookbinding. 8. English Decorated Bookbindings of the Fifteenth Century. 9. A Binding by the Scales Binder, 1456-65. 10. An Oxford Binding, c. 1480. 11. A Binding by the Crucifer Binder, c. 1505. 12. Monasteries and Dragons.
  • 13. Influences from the Netherlands on Bookbinding in England during the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. 14. A Franconian Binding, c. 1475. 15. A Binding made at Coesfeld, c. 1478. 16. A German Binding, c. 1485. 17. A Binding from Hamersleben, c. 1510. 18. A Binding made at Klus, 1526
  • Pt. IV. Gold-tooled Bindings. 19. A Spanish Mudejar Binding of the End of the Fifteenth Century. 20. A Binding by Maestro Luigi, c. 1547. 21. A Binding by Thomas Kruger, 1573. 22. A Binding by Jean de Planche, c. 1570. 23. A London Binding, c. 1638. 24. A Binding, probably made in Amsterdam, c. 1670. 25. A Binding by the Charity School Binder, c. 1670-73. 26. A Binding by Alexander Ogstoun, c. 1680. 27. A Binding by William Cox, 1684. 28. A Binding, possibly made by Thomas Norris, 1685.
  • 29. An Amsterdam Binding, c. 1700. 30. A Binding by the Geometrical Compartment Binder, c. 1703. 31. A Middelburg Binding, c. 1750-58. 32. A Binding by Christiaan Micke, c. 1755. 33. An Eton Binding of the 1760s by Roger Payne. 34. A Binding by Roger Payne, 1796. 35. A Binding by Devers, c. 1770-83. 36. A Binding by James Scott, c. 1779. 37. A Binding by James Campbell, 1781. 38. A London Rococo Binding, 1782. 39. A Binding by Gabriel de Sancha, c. 1790. 40. An Irish Binding by William McKenzie, 1784. 41. A Binding by Bartholomew Frye, c. 1820. 42. A Binding by Thomas Mullen of Dublin, c. 1827-30. 43. A Binding by Archibald MacLiesh, 1837. 44. A Binding by M. M. Holloway, c. 1862. 45. A Binding by Westleys & Co., 1864
  • Pt. V. Unusual Materials.
  • 46. The Olga Hirsch Collection of Decorated Papers. 47. Ferrarese Woodcut Bindings of the Late Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Centuries. 48. An English Woodcut Binding, 1647. 49. An English Paper Binding, c. 1698. 50. A Parisian Paper Binding, c. 1781. 51. A Sienese Panel, 1488. 52. A Pair of Bookcovers of the Late Nineteenth Century by I. F. Joni
  • Pt. VI. Collectors and Collections. 53. Bookbinding Patronage in England. 54. Some Bindings for Foreign Students in Sixteenth-Century Paris. 55. A Binding by the Du Saix Master for Jean Grolier, c. 1538. 56. A Binding by the King Edward and Queen Mary Binder, London, 1552. 57. A Binding for Jacques de Malenfant, c. 1560-66. 58. Some Bindings for Charles I. 59. A Binding for Caroline of Ansbach 1722.
  • 60. The Henry Davis Collection: The British Museum Gift. 61. Some Bookbindings in the Herzog August Bibliothek
  • Pt. VII. Preserving the Past. 62. The Binding Historian and the Book Conservator. 63. Preserving Books and their History. 64. Medieval Painted Book Edges
  • Index of Binders
  • Index of Owners.