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Plutarch's Lives, with an English translation by Bernadotte Perrin.

London, W. Heinemann; 1914-26.
New York, The Macmillan co. [etc.] 1914-26.
Physical Description:
11 v. 17 cm.
Reference Library
PA4369 .A2 1919 (LC)
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Imprint varies.
Greek and English opposite pages.
"In eleven volumes"; title-pages of vol. I-IV with title "Plutarch's lives ... in ten volumes" have been cancelled. (Vols. I-IV without cancels in L.C. set)
BAC copy: London : Heinemann ; New York : Putnam, 1919.
Perrin, Bernadotte.

  • I. Theseus and Romulus. Lycurgus and Numa. Solon and Publicola.-- II. Themistocles and Camillus. Aristides and Cato major. Cimon and Lucullus.-- III. Pericles and Fabius Maximus. Nicias and Crossus.-- IV. Alcibiades and Coriolanus. Lysander and Sull.-- V. Agesilaus and Pompey. Pelopidas and Marcellus.-- VI. Dion and Brutus. Timoleon and Aemilius Paulus.-- VII. Demosthenes and Cicero. Alexander and Caesar.-- VIII. Sertorius and Eumenes. Phocion and Cato the Younger.-- IX. Demetrius and Antony. Pyrrhus and Caius Marius.-- X. Agis and Cleomenes, and Tiberius and Caius Gracchus, Philopoemen and Titus Flaminius.-- XI. Aratus and Artaxerxes. Galba and Otho.