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Print made by unknown artist, nineteenth century

after Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1775–1851, British

Advertisement for 'Rivers of England' published by W.B. Cooke
Lettered, upper right: "London, January 1st, 1825."; lettered upper center: "W. B. COOKE'S PUBLICATIONS, 9, SOHO-SQUARE."; lettered, left: "TWELVE FAC-SIMILE ETCHINGS from | very rare Originals by REMBRANDT, in the CRACHERODE COLLECTION | at the BRITISH MUSEUM, etched by WILLIAM JAMES SMITH, 1824, | just published, in boards, 25s. | The above Etchings, from the originals by REMBRANDT, are | acknowledged by some of the first judges in this style of art, to be so | closely copied, and etched with so much spirit and truth, as to render | it difficult to distinguuish them from REMBRANDT'S own works: one of the | originals is unique, and others, which are etched for this publication | are so scarce as to be estimated at the value of 50 guineas. These | Fac-similes must consequently be a most desirable addition to the | cabinets of Collectors of the works of REMBRANDT. | A PORTRAIT OF LORD BYRON, (just | published,) painted by THOMAS PHILLIPS, R. A. and engraved in | Mezzotinto on Steel, by T. LUPTON.--- SIZE of the Engraving, | 12 inches by 9.---Price of the PRINTS, 15s.; PROOFS, 30s. | An early application is recommended for Proofs. | THE EDYSTONE LIGHT-HOUSE; repre | sented in a STORM at NIGHT, by J. M. W. TURNER, R. A. | PRINTS, 10s.---PROOFS, 15s.---INDIA PAPER PROOFS, 18s. | A companion Print to the EDYSTONE is now being engraved, | and will appear early in the Spring of 1825, A SUN-RISE --Whiting | Fishing at Margate, from a splendid Drawing by J. M. W. TURNER, R. A. | and engraved in Mezzotinto on Steel. | GEMS of ART. --Just publishd, PART IV. containing the | following plates:-- | 1. The SURPRISE, painted by MAES, from a Picture in the possesion | of HIS MAJESTY. | 2. GIRL at a COTTAGE-DOOR, painted by R. WESTALL, R. A. in | the possession of W. GHAMBERLAYNE, Esq. M. P. | 3. PRINCE ARTHUR and HUBERT, painted by J. NORTHCOTE, R. A. | in the possession of MISS LINWOOD. | 4. MORNING, painted by RICHARD WILSON, R. A. in the possession | of FREDERICK PERKINS, ESQ. | 5. A MOONLIGHT, painted by PYNACKER, in the possession of | G. MORANT, ESQ. | The work consists of a choice Collection, engraved from Pictures of | acknowledged excellence, beauty, and variety, painted by esteemed | Masters of all ages and all countries. | Each Part contains Five Plates--Six Parts will form the Volume. | Price of each Part, 20s.---PROOFS, 30s.---INDIA PAPER PROOFS, 1l.18s. | Several valuable Pictures having been lent by HIS MOST GRACIOUS | MAJESTY, and by Noblemen and Gentlemen possessing splendid Col- | lections, for the purpose of being engraved for this work, it will comprise | a Selection from some of the finest Pictures dispersed throughout the | country : the Volume will be COMPLETE in itself. The subjects intro- | duced will be such only as possess a first-rate talent and character, and | of that class which may meet the most delicate eye and refined taste. | Any single Plate of "GEMS OF ART," may be had separately; the | following FANCY PIECES at 5s.---Proofs, 7s.---India Paper Proofs, 8s. 6d. | ANGELS -- Sir Joshua Reynolds. A MAGDALENE-- Carreggio. | COTTAGE GIRL--Gainsborough. THE SURPRISE--Maes. | MEDITATION--Sir Joshua Reynolds. GIRL AT A COTTAGE DOOR | R. Westall, R.A. | HOLY FAMILY--Proccacini. THE TROOPER--Cuyp. ARTHUR AND HUBERT--Northcote. | The following LANDSCAPES, at 4s--Proofs, 6s.--India Paper Proofs, | 7s. 6d. each. | REMBRANDTS MILL---Rembrandt. EVENING---Richard Wilson, R.A. | THE TRAVELLER---Cuyp. COTTAGE, MOONLIGHT---Gainsbro'. | A RAINBOW---Girtin. LANDSCAPE AND COWS---Gainsbro'. | CHELSEA BEACH---Girtin. MORNING---Richard Wilson, R.A. | VIEW AT TIVOLI---Gasper Poussin. MOONLIGHT---Pynacker. | A MOONLIGHT---Cuyp. | The FIFTH PART is in great forwardness, and will be published early | in the Spring of 1825, containing--- | 1. DUTCH BOORS, a Landscape, by TENIERS, in the possession of | RICHARD WESTALL, R.A. | 2. The FORTUNE-TELLER, by SIR JOSHUA REYNOLDS, in the pos- | session of the DUCHESS OF DORSET. | 3. JAEL and SISERA, by JAMES NORTHCOTE, R. A. in the COUNCIL | CHAMBERS of the ROYAL ACADEMY. | 4. The LAUGHING BOY, by MURILLO, in the possession of FREDERICK PERKINS, ESQ. | 5. A SEA-PIECE, from a Picture by VANDIER CAPPELLA."; lettered right: "The RIVERS OF ENGLAND, (a new and beaitufil | work,) engraved from Original Drawings, by J. M. W. TURNER, R. A. | and the late celebrated artist, THOMAS GIRTIN. | The 3d. Number of this work is new published, containing--- | 1. YORK MINSTER, on the river Foss. | 2. DARTMOUTH CASTLE, on the river Dart, Devonshire. | 3. KIRKSTALL ABBEY, on the river Aire, Yorkshire. | The style in which the Plates are engraved, is peculiarly adopted to the |powerful effects of light and shade, in the varieties of Twilight-- sun rise | --Mid-day--and Sun-set--represented in the masterly production of | TURNER and GIRTIN. They are engraved in Mezzotinto on Steel, by | eminent Engravers. Twelve Numbers will form the Volume, which will | be complete in iteself, displaying the principal Landscape beauties of the | country, the Cities, Towns, Seats, and Villas, near which the Rivers | flow, and will be intermixed with Views of a Marine and more open | character towards the Conflux of the Rivers with the Sea. | Royal Quarto, each Number containing Three Plates, 10s.--PROOFS, | Imperial Quarto, 14s---INDIA PAPER PROOFS, ditto, 16s. | No. IV. will be published early in the Spring of 1825, containing- | 1. A VIEW OF TOTNESS, Devonshire, on the river Dart. | 2. OKEHAMPTON CASTLE, on the river Torridge, Devon, | from Drawings by J.M.W. TURNER, R.A. | 3. RIPPON MINSTER, on the river Ouse, Yorkshire, from | Drawings by THOMAS GIRTIN. | A PAIR of PRINTS, engraved in Mezzotinto on Steel | from Two Pictures by CUYP, in the possession of the RIGHT HON. | the EARL of CARLISLE; viz. | 1. THE PASSAGE-BOAT---2. A GROUP OF CATTLE. | Prints, 10s. the Pair.---Proofs, 15s.---INDIA PAPER PROOFS, 18s. | VIEWS in PROVENCE and on the | RHONE, engraved in the Line-manner by W. B. COOKE, | G. COOKE, and J.C. ALLEN, from Drawings by P. DEWINT, from | Original Sketches taken on the Spot, by JOHN HUGHES, A.M. of | Oriel College, Oxford. | Contents of Nos. I. II. III. IV. now published:-- | Tower of Mauconseil, Vienne; --Valence and the Dauphine Mountains; | --Avignon, the Legate's Palace; --Chateau Grignan; --Lyons Cathedral; | --Chateau la Serve;--Chateau Rochepot; --Mausoleum at St. Remy;-- | the Maritime Alps, from the Castle of Nice;--View of Lyons; --Castle | of Beaucaire and Bridge of Boats over the Rhone;--Chateau Grignan, | south side;--Castle of Tende;--Aqueduct, Pont de Garde;--Two Views | of Cannes. | This interesting work will be completed on the 1st of May, 1825, | forming One Volume, comprised in Six Numbers, each containing | Four Plates. | Price Royal Quarto 8s. 6d. each Number. | India Paper Proofs, large paper 12s. 6d. ditto. | LEWIS's STUDIES of WILD ANIMALS. | Now publishing. STUDIES of WILD ANIMALS, consisting of LIONS, | TIGERS, & c. drawn from the Life, and engraved by J. F. LEWIS. | The Drawings in the possession of SIR JOHN SWINBURNE, BART.; | SIR THOMAS LAWRENCE, P.R.A.; JAMES VINE, ESQ.; &c. &c. | The work will be completed in Four Numbers, each Number | containing Three Plates. | Price of each Number, 14s.--INDIA PAPER PROOFS, 25s. ditto. | A VIEW of CASTLE HOWARD, YORK- | SHIRE, the SEAT of the EARL OF CARLISLE, (just published,) | from a Drawing by J. JACKSON, R. A. in Line-engraving. | PRINTS 3s. 6d.--PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER, 5s. | TRIM and SANCHO, copied from KLEIN, 2s. 6d. | A STUDY from NATURE, after KLEIN. 2s. | COOPER'S STUDIES from NATURE, | containing FIVE ETCHINGS, by ABRAHAM COOPER, R. A. 12s. | The THREE MARIES, from the celebrated Picture | by ANNIBAL CARRACCI, in the posession of the RIGHT HON. | the EARL OF CARLISLE, K. G. &c. &c. engraved in Mezzotinto | on Steel, by W. SAY. | PRINTS, 12s.--PROOFS, 21s.--INDIA PAPER PROOFS, 30s. | RUPERT's STANDARD at MARSTON | MOOR, engraved by JOHN BROMLEY,
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