Yale Center for British Art
David Gentleman, born 1930, British

Commissioned by London Transport, 1937–2004, British

Printed by McCorquodale & Company Ltd, British

Visitor's London
Sheet: 39 7/8 x 49 3/4 inches (101.3 x 126.4 cm)
Lettered, center left: "ST. JAMES'S PALACE" | Friendly Turdor red brick, once a royal home and today the | diplomatic 'Court of St. James.' You can wander as you |please past the sentries at the arched gateways, through the | quiet courtyards, and think yourself miles from the tumult of | nerby Piccadilly…" | "The Zoo | The pleasure of your company is always sought at Regent's | Park. Dignified bears, gaudily unblinking parrots, improbably | and superior giraffes survey with interest the constant flow of | visitors. In the monkey house you will surely find some | disconcerting echoes of less-loved faces down your road . . . " | Covent Garden | Rise early and get to London's great vegetable and fruit market | at 6 o'clock in the morning. You will find a fascinating scene | of organized pandemonoium. Merchant and customer bargain| in a shorthand jargon that defeats the uninitiated ear, porters | battle through the throng, and everywhere are piles of every imaginable edible growth . . . " | St. Paul's Cathedral | Wren's own and eloquent memorial - see the inscription on | his tomb. Nelson and Wellington are among the famous who | share with Wren the peace of his great church. Climb to the | Whispering Gallery, and to the Stone Gallery outside. | All London lies spread like a carpet at your feet. " | Visitor's London is London Transport's own | official guide-book. In it you will find details of all | London's great buildings and show-places, and much | about less-known things of interest as well. There are | full details of opening times and charges for admission, | and a free supplement ' How To Get There.' You can | buy Visitor's London from the Publicity Officer, | London Transport, 55 Broadway, Westminster, S.W.i, | or at your nearest Underground station" ; center right: "Westminister Abbey | Beneath this loftiest of England's naves lie her most famous | dead. See, hanging in Henry VII's Chapel, beneath a soaring | vault of unsurpassed magnificence, the banners of the Order | of the Bath. Henry himself lies there with his queen, and at | the east end stands the Battle of Britain memorial window. | In every corner of the Abbey lies history in stone… | The Tower of London | Ask a Yeoman Warder in his gay Tudor scarlet anything you | like about its long grim history. Dazzle your eyes with the | Crown Jewels, stroll on Tower Green, unheeded by the | famous ravens strutting fatly black upon the lawn, or walk | beside the river and hear it lapping darkly past Traitor's Gate. | London River | Stand on Tower Bridge and see the forest of masts in the Pool | of London. Wander east on the north bank through the seafaring borough of Wapping. From these reaches Frobisher | set sail for the Northern Seas. From here the great merchant companies established their rich trade with India and the East. | It is the very cradle of Britian's commercial Empire. | The Guards | An essential ingredient in London's pageantry. The Guards- |man, unsmilingly erect before the gates of Buckingham | Palace and St. James's. The Household Cavalry, facing | unperturbed the roar of Whitehall's traffic and the admiring | audience at the horses' feet. The Changing of the Guard | remains unchallenged as London's finest free show, with all | the ritual splendor of time-honoured ceremoninal…" | Free Leaflets are published by London Trans- | port. In one you will find full details about the | Changing of the Guard and when and where best to | see it. Others list museums, art galleries, and historic | houses open to the public. And there are maps of bus | and Underground services to help you find your way. | All can be had free from the Public relations Officer, | 55 Broadway, Westminister, S.W.i"
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Yale Center for British Art, Gift of Henry S. Hacker, Yale BA 1965
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© TfL
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lion | tourism | street vendor | bridge (built work) | zoo | wheelbarrow | crow (animal) | pigeons | swan | roses (plant) | tugboats | helicopter | cityscape | guards | river
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Tower of London | Tower of London | Westminster Abbey | London Bridge | St. Paul's Cathedral | United Kingdom | Europe | England | London | Covent Garden | Thames
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