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Creator Joseph Wright of Derby, 1734–1797, British, active in Italy (1773–75)
Title Academy by Lamplight
Alternate Title(s) Academy by Moonlight
Date 1769
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 50 x 39 3/4 inches (127 x 101 cm) Frame: 55 1/2 x 45 x 2 1/4 inches (141 x 114.3 x 5.7 cm)
Label on verso, center, handwritten: “Loan | Joseph Wright | of Derby | Academy by | Lamplight”
Credit Line Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection
Accession Number B1973.1.66
Collection Paintings and Sculpture
Curatorial Comment The academy students, each suggesting a different stage in the awakening of artistic genius, are gathered around a copy of the famous Hellenistic sculpture “Nymph with a Shell” (Louvre), which was widely known through casts and reproductions. But while Wright alludes to an artistic exemplum, he has also grounded his subject in fact. Art students were regularly given the exercise of drawing sculpture in lamplight and candlelight. Showing the sculpture as though warmed into life by the glow of the candles, Wright pays homage to the transformative, enlivening, even magical powers of light. He may also be gently alluding to the famous classical legend of Pygmalion, King of Cyprus, who carved a statue of Venus, the goddess of love, and in so doing fell in love with it. In answer to his prayers, the goddess herself inhabited the statue and made it come alive. Somewhat more prosaically, it has recently been shown that this painting and its companion, Philosopher by Lamplight (Derby Museum and Art Gallery), which Wright exhibited with the Society of Artists at Spring Gardens in May and early June 1769, offered a terse commentary upon the recent establishment of the Royal Academy under the presidency of Sir Joshua Reynolds. In the context of contemporaneous art-world politics, the Philosopher by Lamplight was “at once both a learned reworking of Salvator Rosa for the connoisseurs, and perhaps also a fitting warning to the new RAs about the transience of earthly glory,” while the Academy formed a kind of “critique of the hierarachical structure of the new RA by contrasting it with an ideal democratic school with clear allusions to the now defunct St. Martin's Lane Academy” (Hargraves, 2005, p. 97).
     -- Angus Trumble, 2007-01
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Subject Terms academy | artists | Borghese Gladiator, ca. 100 BC, by Agasias of Ephesos (Greek sculptor, active ca. 100 BCE) | boy | chairs | columns (architectural elements) | costume | curtain | drawing | education | genre subject | gladiator | Hellenistic art | light | men | nymph | sculpture | shadow | shell | sketching | statue | students | woman

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