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Creator Joseph Wright of Derby, 1734–1797, British, active in Italy (1773–75)
Title The Blacksmith's Shop
Date 1771
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 50 1/2 x 41 inches (128.3 x 104.1 cm) Frame: 55 1/2 × 45 1/4 inches (141 × 114.9 cm)
Signed and dated, lower right: "Jo:[symbol] Wright | Pinx [symbol] 1771."
Credit Line Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection
Accession Number B1981.25.712
Collection Paintings and Sculpture
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Subject Terms angels | anvil (tool) | apprentices | blacksmiths | boys | children | church | clouds | contrast | genre subject | horseshoes (animal equipment) | labor | light | machines | metal | monastery | moon | moonlight | night | religious (people) | ruins | shop | tools | woman | workers

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