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Francis Hayman, 1707/8–1776
George Rogers and His Wife, Margaret Rogers (née Tyers), and His Sister, Margaret Rogers [2024, YCBA]
Former Title(s):

George Rogers and His Wife, Margaret, and His Sister, Margaret Rogers [1998, This Other Eden: Paintings from the Yale Center for British Art, exhibition catalogue]

George and Margaret Rogers, with his sister Margaret

George Rogers, his wife Margaret Tyers, and his sister Margaret Rogers

George Rogers with his Wife, Margaret, and his Sister, Margaret Rogers

George Rogers with his wife and (?) sister [1978, Egerton, British Sporting and Animal Paintings, catalogue]

Three Figures in a Landscape
between 1748 and 1750
Materials & Techniques:
Oil on canvas
41 × 39 inches (104.1 × 99.1 cm), Frame: 50 × 47 1/2 inches (127 × 120.7 cm)
Credit Line:
Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection
Copyright Status:
Public Domain
Accession Number:
Paintings and Sculpture
Subject Terms:
bird | blue | conversation piece | dog (animal) | family | hunting | pheasant | pink (color) | portrait | stone | tree
Associated People:
Rogers, Margaret, sister of George Rogers
Rogers (née Tyers), Margaret
Rogers, George (1718–1792), landscape painter
Not on view
IIIF Manifest:

Hayman's major commission from the 1740s, the most productive decade of his career, was a series of decorative paintings for the supper boxes at Vauxhall Gardens, a pleasure garden and center of London nightlife that Jonathan Tyers, its proprietor, had made into a booming leisure enterprise. In addition to the work for Vauxhall, Tyers commissioned Hayman to paint several portraits of members of his family in various groupings, and the present work is one of two portraits of his elder daughter Margaret (1724-1786) with her husband George Rogers (1718-1792), an amateur landscape artist.
This outdoor portrait of the couple accompanied by another young woman was most likely done after the Rogers's marriage. (Another of Hayman's paintings in the Center's collection is probably the portrait commissioned by Tyers on that occasion.) The standing female figure was long thought to be Elizabeth Tyers, Margaret Tyers Rogers's younger sister, but now it is commonly accepted that she is, in fact, Margaret Rogers (1722- 1806), George's younger sister. Widowed from her first husband, Margaret Rogers eventually married her sister-in-law's younger brother, Jonathan Tyers Jr., thereby further tightening the bond between the Tyers and Rogers families.
The format and setting of this lively family group confirm Hayman's ability to add verve to the conventions of conversation-piece portraits. Nearly all of Hayman's other portraits of Tyers's family conform to a fashionable stiffness, but here he tinkers with the composition so as to invert the traditional pyramid of sitters, placing the central figure lower than her surrounding companions. The gazes of George Rogers and his sister, looking admiringly at her brother's catch, quickly draw the viewer's eye to the outer edge of the composition, where the young man proudly thrusts the bird out for inspection while his wife confronts the viewer's eyes with her own. The artist's use of multiple focal points and an inverted pyramidal structure forces the viewer to move his or her eyes across the entire canvas and to interact visually with all the sitters in the portrait.
Hayman's creation of a dynamic group portrait is in no way a direct transcription of reality-however much it may appear so-and the energetic composition was evidently much altered from its original design. Two pentimenti show the extent of his changes to the canvas. At the right edge of the canvas, at the level of Margaret Rogers's head, a ghostly figure looms, barely visible: this would have been a sculpted cherub holding a cornucopia and seated on a rectangular stone pedestal, of the sort Hayman included in many of his portraits of the period. He has not erased all traces of the statue but has left the hem of the sister's dress still perching on the base of the stone column, the rest of which he eventually painted out. Another compositional change can be seen in the faint shadow of another leg just to the left of George Rogers's left calf: originally he stood in a more conventional and solid upright position, his left knee straightened. These alterations to the original composition, especially the transformation of George Rogers's stiff posture to a more animated one, give the work an immediacy of feeling and a lifelike appearance that set it apart from the rest of Hayman's more conventional portraits of the period. Almost humorous in tone, the contrast of the proud showmanship of George Rogers with the nonplussed expression of his wife-who continues to pet her dog calmly, apparently unimpressed by her husband's shooting prowess-makes this image a shrewd vision of how the Tyers-Rogers family, leaders of London's leisure activities, spent their time.

Julia Marciari-Alexander

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