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Joseph Wright of Derby, 1734–1797

Matlock Tor by Moonlight

Former Title(s):

Matlock Tor [1985, Cormack, YCBA Concise Catalogue]

Matlock Tor, moonlight

between 1777 and 1780
Oil on canvas
25 × 30 inches (63.5 × 76.2 cm), Frame: 32 3/4 × 37 1/2 inches (83.2 × 95.3 cm)
Credit Line:
Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection
Copyright Status:
Public Domain
Accession Number:
Paintings and Sculpture
Subject Terms:
cliff | clouds | genre subject | hills | horse (animal) | landscape | light | man | moon | night | reflection | river | waterfall
Associated Places:
Derbyshire | Derwent | England | Matlock | United Kingdom
Not on view
IIIF Manifest:

Joseph Wright of Derby returned from his period of study in Italy (1773–75) with a new appreciation of landscape, both that of Italy, which he continued to make his subject for the rest of his life, and that of Britain, particularly his native Derbyshire. This painting is one of Wright’s earliest pictorial explorations of the dramatic landscape of his home county. Like so many of his paintings, it focuses on the meticulous observation of a particular effect of light.

Gallery label for installation of YCBA collection, 2016
I find myself continually stealing off, and getting to Landscapes.
Joseph Wright, 31 December 1792 [1]

This painting is one of Wright's earliest pictorial explorations of the Derbyshire landscape. Before his two-year sojourn in Italy, the artist had shown little interest in landscape painting other than as a backdrop to his portraits and subject pictures. The majestic beauty of Rome and Naples, however, seems to have aroused his sensibilities to the potential of landscape as a pictorial subject in itself.
Most of his first landscapes were painted after his return to England in 1775 but were based on the sketches he had made in Italy. These showed either fantastic views of spectacular ?reworks taking place in the night sky above famous Roman monuments on the Tiber, or dramatic representations of nighttime eruptions of the then-active volcano Mount Vesuvius, outside Naples. Matlock Tor by Moonlight marks a return to Wright's native Derbyshire, but his focus in this night landscape remains the stirring power of light on his subject.
His exploration of the effect of a full moon on Matlock Tor (known locally as such to differentiate it from Matlock High Tor) and the River Derwent lends to the picture an eerie, almost overwhelming atmosphere, one in which the mountain and river seem to awaken from a heavy slumber. He describes the heavy vegetation on the Tor with thick impasto dotted onto smooth, translucent areas of paint; the surfaces of the mountain seem to sparkle and come alive in the shadowy moonlight. Similarly, the gently rolling water of the Derwent, whose lapping waves have created the mammoth mountain beside it, seems to gain strength in the cold rays of the bright moon. Although heightening the awesome qualities of his landscape by including a small horse and rider who wonder and cower before the moon, clouds, and mountain, Wright paints an image in which the overall atmosphere is not one of foreboding evil but of cool, powerful silence.
Painted early in his career as a landscapist, this picture, along with a nearly identical version (Detroit Institute of Arts), stands at a transitional point in Wright's work. In these two versions of the same subject, he remains largely faithful to his own painterly idiom-relying on dramatic chiaroscuro effects to enliven his subjects, and painting with a sharpness of touch and tonal contrast that implies direct, almost scientific observation of the scene. Yet in the present painting Wright has toned down the spectacle. The quiet atmosphere hints at his imminent shift from the awe-inspiring, powerful mode of the Sublime so evident in his volcanic views of Italy to the lighter, brighter colors and lyrical tonalities of the Picturesque that he would use in his later English landscapes.

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