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Johan Joseph Zoffany, 1733–1810
The Gore Family with George, third Earl Cowper
Former Title(s):

The Gore Family with George, 3rd Earl Cowper [1998, This Other Eden: Paintings from the Yale Center for British Art, exhibition catalogue]

George, 3rd Earl Cowper, with the Family of Charles Gore

The Cowper and Gore Families

George Nassau Cowper, 3rd Earl Cowper and Family (1738-1826)
ca. 1775
Materials & Techniques:
Oil on canvas
31 x 38 1/2 inches (78.7 x 97.8 cm), Frame: 37 3/4 × 45 1/2 × 3 inches (95.9 × 115.6 × 7.6 cm)
Credit Line:
Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection
Copyright Status:
Public Domain
Accession Number:
Paintings and Sculpture
Subject Terms:
allegory | book | cello | conversation piece | costume | curtain | daughters | earl | family | father | group portrait | husband | interior | marriage | men | mother | music | painting (visual work) | pen | portrait | square piano | wedding | wife | women | writing (processes)
Associated People:
Gore, Hannah Anne (ca. 1758–1826)
Gore, Emilie
Cowper, George Nassau Clavering, third Earl Cowper (1738–1789), art collector and patron
Gore, Elizabeth
Gore, Charles
Not on view
IIIF Manifest:

This remarkable conversation piece was commissioned by George, third Earl Cowper, to celebrate his recent engagement to Hannah Anne Gore. In 1774, Charles Gore, represented playing the cello, took his wife and three daughters to Florence, where the sixteen-year-old Hannah met Lord Cowper, an English expatriate living in Italy. The fictive history painting in the background shows Hercules, emblematic of virtue, driving Envy from the Temple of Hymen. The theme of this painting was perhaps an oblique reference to the necessary ending of Lord Cowper’s liaisons with Florentine women, and the theme of music-making further implies the marital harmony that awaits the couple. The background landscape provides a view of the Tuscan hills, suggesting that the setting is Lord Cowper’s villa at Fiesole, just outside Florence.

Gallery label for installation of YCBA collection, 2016

This portrait was probably commissioned in 1775 by Charles Gore (who is playing the cello) to mark the wedding of his youngest daughter, Hannah Anne Gore (ca. 1758-1826), to his crony, the wealthy art collector, patron, and member of Parliament George Nassau Clavering Cowper, 3rd Earl Cowper (1738-1789). (Hannah Gore and Lord Cowper are both standing). The father of the bride is accompanied on the square piano by his middle daughter, Emilie, while Mrs. Gore and Elizabeth, the eldest daughter, sit on the right. The history painting all'antica in the background on the left may be a slightly indelicate allusion to the abandonment by Lord Cowper of a well-publicized love affair with the Marchesa Corsi, a Florentine noblewoman. It shows the god Hercules ejecting the hideous, naked figure of Calumny from an allegorical wedding ceremony, and giving her a good thrashing with his club.

Gallery label for installation of YCBA collection, 2005

Small, Informal family portraits, set in intimate or private surroundings and known as "conversation pieces," became fashionable in England in the 1720s and remained so until late in the 18th century. This conversation piece shows the importance of music to the Gore family. Charles Gore is playing the cello to the accompaniment of his daughter Emily on the square piano. Standing in the middle is George, the 3rd Earl Cowper, to whom the Gore's youngest daughter Hannah Anne (standing in front of the picture which hangs on the wall) married in 1775.

Gallery label for Pleasures and Pastime (Yale Center for British Art, 1990-02-21 - 1990-04-29)
In this lavish portrait George, 3rd Earl Cowper (1738- 1783) at the center of the composition leans nonchalantly on the back of a chair and looks adoringly at his future wife, Hannah Anne Gore, at the left of the canvas. Surrounding the couple is the bride's family: her father Charles Gore plays the cello-his colored drawings of ships nearby (he was an amateur marine painter)-while her elder sister Emilie accompanies him on the square piano; her mother Mary Gore, book in hand, and her eldest sister Elizabeth are seated at the right. Painted in the months preceding the wedding, on June 2, 1775, the painting most likely was commissioned by Charles Gore to honor his daughter's marriage. Ostensibly set in an open gallery in Cowper's villa giving onto the picturesque slopes of Fiesole in Italy, the intimate family portrait describes the members of the Gore family as well as their affection for each other. As a group they are at ease with each other in the home of their soon-to-be son-in-law. The bridal couple stands, coyly anticipating their union: Cowper looks at his betrothed from afar while she poses demurely, not participating in the convivial musical moment. Framing her head, an allegorical painting of a marriage à l'antique in a Temple of Hymen cleverly suggests her preoccupation with her imminent marriage; and it is possible that the specific allegory-in which Hercules is clubbing the unmasked Calumny-hints at the quashing of a former passion between the bridegroom, already in his late thirties, and an unsuitable Florentine lady. Opulent in its description of each detail of the dresses, musical instruments, and furniture, this conversation piece is more than a mere depiction of an intimate family afternoon. Zoffany has created a tribute not only to the young couple, her family, and her bridegroom, but also to their tastes and lifestyle. Charles and Mary Gore were married in 1751, and her dowry, coupled with Gore's own inheritance, enabled them to live a life of leisure. Mrs. Gore's poor health led the family to seek mild climates. In 1773 they moved to Florence, and there, through their introductions to the Grand Ducal Court and the highest ranks of British society, they met George Nassau, 3rd Earl Cowper, a well-known member of that city's British expatriate society. Cowper had first visited Florence in 1759 and thereafter played a large role in the Florentine artistic community. In particular, he was a great patron of contemporary British artists, musicians, and literati, whom he frequently championed to the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Pietro Leopoldo; indeed, this painting reflects his love for both music and art. During his courtship of and engagement to Hannah Gore, Cowper feted his fiancée with concerts, and in late 1774 he commissioned Zoffany to paint her portrait in the guise of a peasant-girl from Savoy.

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