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Katharine Read, 1723–1778
Formerly unknown artist eighteenth century
Formerly attributed to James Russel, 1720–1763
Formerly attributed to David Allan, 1744–1796
Formerly attributed to Nathaniel Dance, 1735–1811

British Gentlemen in Rome

Former Title(s):

Connoisseurs in Rome [1992, Sites & sensibilities: five centuries of Roman views, exhibition catalogue]

British Mi'Lords in Rome

English Connoisseurs in Rome [1964-1965, Royal Academy of Arts, London, exhibition catalogue]

ca. 1750
Materials & Techniques:
Oil on canvas
37 1/4 × 53 inches (94.6 × 134.6 cm), Frame: 45 1/2 × 61 × 3 inches (115.6 × 154.9 × 7.6 cm)
Credit Line:
Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection
Copyright Status:
Public Domain
Accession Number:
Paintings and Sculpture
Subject Terms:
arch | architectural subject | connoisseurship | conversation piece | genre subject | Grand Tour | hats | men | portrait | rocks (landforms) | sitting | swords
Associated Places:
Arch of Constantine | Colosseum | Italy | Lazio | Roma | Rome
Associated People:
Turner, Sir Charles (1727–1783), 1st Baronet, of Kirkleatham, Yorkshire
Steavans, Thomas (ca. 1728–?1759)
Lowther, Sir William (1727–1756), 3rd Baronet, of Marske, Yorkshire
Caulfeild, James, first earl of Charlemont (1728–1799), politician
Brudenell-Bruce, Thomas (1729–1814), 1st Earl of Ailesbury
Not on view
IIIF Manifest:

Commissioned by Sir Charles Turner, 1st Baronet, of Kirkleatham, Yorkshire (1727-1783), one of the sitters, from Katharine Read (1723-1778), the artist, around 1750 [1]; by descent to his son, Sir Charles Turner, 2nd Baronet of Kirkleatham, Yorkshire (1773-1810); by descent to Sir Charles Turner, 2nd Baronet’s wife, Teresa Gleadowe-Newcomen (1775-1844); by descent to her second husband, Henry Vansittart (1784-1848); by descent to their daughter, Teresa Vansittart Newcomen (née Vansittart, 1813-1887); by descent to her son, Arthur Henry Turner Newcomen (1844-1884); by descent to his son, Gleadowe Henry Turner Newcomen (1877-1932) [2] [d]; by descent to his sister, Kathleen Teresa Turner Le Roy-Lewis (née Newcomen, 1865-1948); purchased by “purchasers of the Kirkleatham Hall Estate” [3] [a]; purchased at auction by “Bernard” at Sotheby’s, London, England, March 23, 1949 (lot 42, ‘A Group of six Gentlemen in Rome (probably including Sir Charles Turner), engaged in conversation, with the Colosseum and the Arch of Titus in the Background’ by Reynolds) in “Fine Paintings” [b]; … ; acquired by Nellie Ionides (née Samuel, 1883-1962) by 1955 [4]; purchased at auction by Thomas Agnew & Sons Ltd at Sotheby’s, London, England, May 29, 1963 (lot 93 “English Connoisseurs in Rome, a group of six gentleman grouped in conversation, the Colosseum and the Arch of Titus in the background” by Sir Nathaniel Dance, R.A.), in “Fine Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Drawings and Paintings,” for Paul Mellon (1907-1999) [5] [c]; by whom given to the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, CT, 1981.


[1] The nature of the commission, the subjects, and the artist’s identity are discussed in Margery Morgan, "British Connoisseurs in Rome: Was it painted by Katherine Read (1723-78)?" The British Art Journal, Vol. 7, No. 1, https://www.jstor.org/stable/41614664?seq=3
[2] It appears that the painting remained at Kirkleatham and was thus “owned” by the various family members who were in residence at the estate during different times. According to ‘A History of Yorkshire North Riding’, Teresa Vansittart Newcomen and her husband moved into the house in 1848, following the death of her father, Henry Vansittart. Teresa’s son, Arthur Henry Turner Newcomen, assumed residency in Kirkleatham in 1867 while she was still alive. His son, Gleadowe Henry Turner Newcomen, then took up residency there in 1884, upon his father’s death.
[3] The work is part of a series of listings from the “Purchasers of the Kirkleatham Estate” in the auction catalog “Fine Paintings” Sotheby’s, London, England, March 23, 1949. An unnamed property investment company acquired Kirkleatham estate from the family in 1948 and thereafter sold off the contents of the estate.
[4] A label on the verso of this work for The Royal Academy of Arts’ Winter Exhibition of 1955-56 (“English Taste in the Eighteenth Century: From Baroque to Neo-Classic”), indicates that that work was by this date already in the collection of The Hon. Mrs Ionides, Buxted Park, Uckfield, Sussex.
[5] The Sotheby’s catalog includes a list of buyers, and lists “Agnew” as the buyer. A stamp on the painting’s verso for the dealers Thomas Agnew and Sons Ltd clarifies who “Agnew” was.


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