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George Romney, 1734–1802

A Conversation (The Artist's Brothers Peter and James Romney)

Former Title(s):

A Conversation (The Artist's Brothers, Peter and James Romney)

A Conversation (the artist's brothers, Peter and James Romney)

Peter and James Romney

The Artist's Brothers

The artist's brothers, Peter and James

Materials & Techniques:
Oil on canvas
43 1/2 x 34 1/2 inches (110.5 x 87.6 cm)
Credit Line:
Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection
Copyright Status:
Public Domain
Accession Number:
Paintings and Sculpture
Subject Terms:
artists | breeches (trousers) | brothers | buckles | busts | chair | coats | conversation piece | drafting | drapes | easel | fireplace | genre subject | men | portrait | sculptures | shoes (footwear) | table (support furniture) | table, drafting | waistcoats
Associated People:
Romney, James
Romney, Peter (1743–1777), portrait painter
Not on view
IIIF Manifest:

Exhibited at the Free Society of Artists in 1766, this portrait shows George Romney’s brothers Peter and James deep in conversation. The objects around them suggest that they are discussing competing approaches to the art of painting. Peter, balancing a drawing board on his knee, points to the diagrams in front of him and seems to make a case for the geometrical principles of design. James holds under his right arm a portfolio and gestures with his left hand toward a classical bust—perhaps advocating that works of art should be informed by artistic precedent. By staging the debate in this way, the artist sought to announce his own theoretical sophistication, as well as that of his siblings. The brothers went on to live very different lives: James pursued a long career in the East India Company, but Peter, a portraitist, was troubled by debt and alcoholism, dying young.

Gallery label for installation of YCBA collection, 2016
One of Romney's earliest documented paintings, this portrait depicts his two younger brothers Peter and James. Peter Romney, himself a promising painter, had studied painting with George from 1759 until 1762, when the latter left their native Lancashire for London, and the portrait is presumably set in Peter's studio. Unlike his older brother, Peter never fulfilled his potential as an artist; he died in 1777, at the age of thirty-four, apparently from overindulgence in drink. James, the youngest of the three brothers, joined the East India Company and eventually rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel; he died in 1807.

Romney paints his brothers as gentlemen of learning and taste, although neither had any formal education-their learning having been furthered only by their father's love of books. In their portrait they discuss geometrical drawings on the easel in front of Peter and, in doing so, demonstrate the capacity to learn through intellectual discussions and demonstrations of scholarly theories as they pertain to art. Busts and statuettes casually scattered around the studio also suggest that Peter, like George, allied himself artistically with the emerging school of Neoclassical painters, who found beauty in the crisp, rational lines of geometrical forms.

By the time of the portrait George Romney had already developed a strong distaste for the sinuous and curving lines of Rococo design. He left England for the first time in 1764, traveling to Paris in order to study Continental art firsthand, and from there he wrote to Peter: The degeneracy of taste that runs through every thing, is farther gone here than in London. The ridiculous and fantastical are the only points they seem to aim at…The vast collections I see every day, make me feel no inclination either for designing or writing at present.1 His natural predilection for strong linear forms-as opposed to the "degenerate" forms of Rococo painting-can be detected in his portrait of his brothers: the clarity of composition and the lines of the figures, the cool colors of their clothes, and the spartan setting are harbingers of the Neoclassical style he would embrace wholeheartedly following his stay in Rome from 1773 to 1775. Although he aspired to gain fame as a painter of Historical subjects, his reputation was clearly made from his portraits. Painted at the outset of his career and richly suggestive of the ways in which his style would evolve, Romney's portrait of his brothers quietly evinces both his hopes for their futures and his own ambitions as a learned and serious artist.

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